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tangled up in a mess created by an error at which caused a breach of private information that nobody in the government has been able to explain to them. a few weeks ago, south carolina attorney tom doogle shopped around at but thought the plans were too expensive. so he went on with his life until friday, when a stranger named justin in north carolina called to say that his brand-new eligibility notice contained personal information about tom and his wife. >> i didn't know if he was trying to phish for my personal information or if he really had my personal information. >> reporter: tom has tried calling, e-mailing and live chatting but so far, nobody has been able to fix this mix-up. >> there is no system for reporting a security breach. any bank or any other secure online system you can easily report potential security breaches. >> reporter: they explain, quote, we identified a piece of software code that needed to be fixed and that fix is now in place. >> health care is a very personal decision. the insurance you sign up fo
across the entire country in less than 30 hours. >>> but we begin with a one month birthday of now we're learning just how serious problems were at launch time. documents released by house republicans appear to show that just six people were able to especially roll for health insurance on the opening day. about a day later, 248. this is a country of over 314 million people. notes from internal meetings describe the widespread issues among them the high volume on the website, troubles with direct enrollment and problems with the va system and credit check information. the administration says it expected early enrollment numbers to be low. officials are pushing back on the report saying the douncumen are just notes and not official numbers. the white house continues to point to massachusetts where just 123 people enrolled in the state's health care program in its first month, that number steadily grew. but circle this date on your calendar. november 30th. that's when the agency in charge of the site says it would be ready with all the fixes to all the glitches. some analysts
their health insurance? >> i am part of the 95 percent with affordable, available healthcare if i have affordable work coverage in my workplace i am not eligible to go into the workplace. >> i would encourage you to be just like the american people and enter the exchange and agree to find a way to do that. i don't care. >> it is illegal. >> stewart: did you hear her? it is illegal. doesn't stop him. well, breaking the law! i encourage you to join billions of, millions of americans who break the law every day. i was, impressive grandstanding, with delivered with panache, but let this missouri congressman tell you how not to take no hypothetical force a moment. >> if it is possible for you to go into the exchange, like all of these millions of americans that are going to the exchanges, will you commit to forego your government insurance plan you are on now and join us in the pool? >> sir, the way the law is written -- >> it is a yes or no. let's say you are wrong on that. yes or no, if you are wrong -- >> i don't want to -- >> stewart: madam secretary, ar, ar, a r, the let's say hypothe
. >> millions of americans are visiting, which is great news. unfortunate unfortunately, the site was only designed to handle six users at the time. >> they revealed the website wait times are getting dramatically better, though it's interesting on monday, the president will be addressing his political organization ofa on health care, a sign he still needs to rev up his political base. >> ed, thank you. >> ultimately, all of the obama care problems are not about politics but about people. tonight, senior national correspondent john roberts introduces us to some who are facing life-changing decisions because of the new law. >> betsy could be the poster child for the unintended consequences of obama care. >> i was very happy with my plan. but then i got the letter saying it was no longer available and i would need to choose a new one. >> her plan was dropped because it didn't include maternity care. she's 52, her son is 24, and she doesn't plan to have more kids. to replace the coverage she has, her premiums would go up from $454 a month to $871. her options on the obama care websit
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right now on capitol hill, changes to the website is the focus and while the smiling woman, she has disappeared. >> we have quite a bit of traffic in the east bay this morning on the east shore freeway. this is san mateo, more traffic ahead. >> mostly clear skies, not warm, 30s, afternoon highs will warm up a little bit. emphasis on a little bit, we will show you coming up. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. with qualifying bundles. >>> time now 6:15, happening right for you health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is on the hot seat, there are questions about that
care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can ke better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. liz: time for a quick speed read of some of the day's other headlines, five stories one minute. >>> kellogg's will cut 7% of its global workforce with an initiative called project k. kellogg reports another quarterly decline in cereal sales. >>> weyerhaeuser company selling the home building division to tripoint homes for $2.7 billion. the deal will make tripoint one of the largest homebuilders in the u.s. >> global foot traffic in apple stores is growing at a slower pace. growth is thought to be flattening because apple is opening fewer new stores. >>> wall streetf year bonuses by some 20% according to the "new york post" the cuts come as industry profits are forecast to decrease as much as one-third from a year ago. >>> google has leaked pictures what it presumed to be the next tablet. the tablet features an eight-inch screen. it will allow them to compete more effectively with the ipad mini
healthcare act -- president's healthcare act. the tough questions that kathleen sebelius is facing. >>> santa rosa grieves the death of a 13-year-old shot and killed while holding a replica gun >>> good morning. live pictures from union city where fire crews are on the scene of a warehouse fire. this started about two hours ago. it's pretty well contained. there were some scary moments for people inside the at -- the area. >>> steve, i couldn't wait to turn the heater on. >> yes, it's cold. it will be sunny. mostly clear skies. a lot of 30s popping up. sunshine and a little bit warmer. not a lot. 36 book ends, santa rosa and napa, a lot of 40s or low 40s for many. including san jose which has gone to 44. redwood city, 42. there's 30s up in the santa cruz mountains. san francisco, a couple of up floor 40s. go for a high of 61. clear in reno. 389 eureka. even some cool readings on the north coast. this system will fall apart. cold, sunny. patchy fog in the north bay that will burn off and cool to mild on the highs. if you are in the sun, it's not bad. if you are in the shade, it's cooler. 50s,
this morning when she testifies about the problematic roll out of the website, in her prepared remarks to the hearing she blames the contractors hired to build the website. at a hearing last week the contractors blamed the government. many republicans blame her and want her to resign. >> expecting this secretary to be able to fix what she hasn't been able to fix during the last three and a half years is unrealistic, it is throwing good money after bad. it is time for her to resign, someone else to take char. >> now later today president obama travels to boston where he will call for patience with the roll out of the affordable care act. he will talk about the difficulties massachusetts had when it launched its own insurance reform that is now popular. the face of the website has changed. namely it doesn't feature the face of the smiling woman anymore. she was taken off the website over the weekend and replaced with icons of the 4 ways people can sign up. the shot of the smiling woman came from a stock photo library, there are rots it was removed when people start
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responsible for rollout became the first obama administration official to testify before congress. until today tavenner had largely avoided scrutiny from republicans who have instead preferred to train their fire on her boss kathleen sebelius. >> i understand you're not publicly releasing those numbers but i'm asking, do you have any idea of on a weekly basis how many people enrolled in how do you not know how many people have enrolled? >> we'll have those numbers available mid november. >> while the sniping over the website persists in committee, republican leadership is out with a new message. we're over the website. >> the problem with obama care isn't just the website, it's the whole law. >> the bottom line is the problems with obama care run deeper than just the website. >> the problems go well beyond a flopped website. >> it is clear obama care and flaws are much more than the website. the website is the tip of the iceberg. >> this week republicans smelled blood in president obama's claim no americans would be kicked off their existing plans. >> let me repeat this.
. the lead contractor on, warned her, warned hhs, the holt and human services website was not ready to go. so what under after that is one of the big questions that we expect kathleen sebellius will get. chris stirewalt joins me right now. that is the big issue, what did you know and when did you know it and why didn't you delay? >> there is another overarching question related to that business, why did it take so long and cost so much to be so bad? that doesn't quite make sense. they had more than three years. they had more than $300 million and it's a total disaster. so why is that? but if you think about her strategy in this, she refused to come last week. instead went out on a campaign tour, angry campaign tour, accusing republicans, don't you dare and by goodness, by gollly, thinking by the time she got back she would have better answers for the folks. instead what happened while she was gone gone it came out the law was worst than she thought. martha: there were people who want me to resign. i don't work for them. i don't work for those people. now all the people
for the fact that is not working properly, saying they are trying to fix it. even this morning, the site remains down because of a cloud server issue. she also said that one of the things when she was confronted by representative terry, why they're not giving enrollment numbers even as states are, she said the reason is, that she won't give them, because of the continuing problems with the system. >> that data out there exists. >> sir, i would -- i would tell you right now, it is not reliable data. according to the insurance companies who are eager to have customers, they are not getting reliable data all the way through the system. >> and on the issue of all of the plans for the people in the individual market that are being cancelled, she defended the president saying that he didn't like. she said it lies with the insurers that the insurers could have maintained those plans as grandfathered plans, as they had existed in 2010. but they decided because in some cases perhaps it wasn't going to be profitable to them, to just scrap those plans. so she certainly has come in on the
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it a promise broken. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your healthcare plan, period. >> yeah, right. >> well, our next guest, a republican, says he can fix it. senator ron johnson joins us next. >> then file this under worst date ever. one guy's plans ruined when this shipping container came crashing down. how they made it out alive. ♪ [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. [ inhales deeply ] save your coffee from the artificial stuff. ♪ switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness... ...from the stevia leaf. >>> what do you say to mark and lucy in my district who had a plan, they liked it. it was affordable. but it is being terminated and now they do not have health insurance. >> insurance companies cancel individual policies year in and year out. there are one-year contract with individu
it? >> the polls are more to the first act. has been in the news a lot in the last few weeks. and tough about president obama broke his promise about the people staying on the plans. we'll see that in the next polls and that will hurt the presidentine more. >> nought wall street journal pollsters said it is not a single issue that has the president's approval numbers dropping. they say it is nsa weapons spying and syria chemical weapons debate and government shutdown and obama care, it is like a slow affect with all of these things over the summer that reached a boiling point? >> certainly, you have to take in to account all of the things that are happening and it has been a perfect storm against obama except for the government shutdown. he took a hit and others tock more of a hit and certainly, the economy is a wet blanket that is hanging over everything. but again, the health care news is big news, not only the website, but the stories of people dropped off with their policy and wills people who are experiencing rate shock and sticker shock, they are part of the mix a
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in charge of that office that created testifies before congress less than an hour from now. as ktvu's chi la campbell reports from the washington, d.c. newsroom, lawmakers want to know when she knew the website was in trouble. kyla? >> reporter: pam, this marks the first time we'll hear from marilyn taviner. she is the administrator for services or cms. now cms is the branch of the health and human services department in charge of creating they brought in contractors to help build the website. those contractors testified before congress last week saying the administration wanted last-minute changes to the contractors say they warned cms of the risks involved with launching the website october 1st. today, lawmakers want to know when she knew these problems existed and why she and other officials at cms decided to have go live anyway. that hearing gets underway in about 45 minutes. i'll be watching live and i'll have highlights of testimony for you on mornings on 2 after 8:00. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 ne
griego. time now is 6:01. >>> developing news from capitol hill. a hearing into the healthcare website problems is beginning. among those on the hot seat today, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. some house republicans are blaming sebelius for the problems and are calling for her to step down or be fired. >> reporter: a san jose man went on a gold mining trip and never came home. now the search is on in some very wild areas of nevada as they look for clues. >> reporter: and i'm cate caugiran live in santa rosa. california lawmaker wants to reintroduce a bill that could change the way toy guns look, this in light of 13-year-old andy lopez's death. he was shot by a deputy after the deputy thought he was carrying a rifle. >> reporter: and checking conditions right now, down the eastshore freeway, our delays continue to grow. westbound 80 approaching ashby that accident has been cleared now to the right-hand shoulder. the flares are all picked up. but we are seeing delays it looks like as far back as carlson where you see that 22- mile-per-hour sensor and once you get p
, christien. >>> happening right now -- the woman in charge of the office that created testifies this morning at a congressional hearing. maryland taviner is the administrator for the centers for medicare and medicaid services or cms. this is a live picture out of the house ways and means committee hearing room. they brought in contractors to help build the website. you may recall in testimony last, with the contractors said they warned cms of the risk involved with launching the website on october 1st. >>> meanwhile, there are reports this morning that millions of americans who buy their health insurance individually are getting their policies canceled and that the obama administration has known about that for three years. according to nbc news up to 14 million people who buy their health insurance individually will receive a cancellation letter in the next year because the current policies don't meet the standards laid out by the new law. the white house told nbc that people whose policies will be canceled will in most cases be automatically shifted to plans with
doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. period. no one will take it away. no matter what. first, if you're one of the more than 250 million americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance. this law will only make it more secure and more affordable. >> david axelrod said yesterday, you know very well, senator coburn, most americans will keep their plans. really? i thought all of them could keep their plans. now most will keep their plans. >> some. >> i know we disagree on this, this is why i say you can not delay this. republicans should say no. forget about the delay. the president won reelection. if they knew this in -- last supper, the president wouldn't have won reelection. if they knew he knew in 2010 all these facts, if they knew how bad the web site was set up, how little hands on he was, how little detail he knows about his hallmark piece of legislation, he wouldn't have beat mitt romney. >> that estimate was there. to your point, 40 to 67% of customers will not be able to keep their policy,
will be lending their talent to help fix problems on the website. larry ellison confirmed at a shareholders meeting last night that the software company is part of the task force. but he didn't offer any details. >>> the faa could give approval today for airline passengers to use electronic devices throughout the flights. the faa has decided that ipads, kindles, personal gaming devices, and smart phones do not pose a certain risk. every airline must submit a plan allowing the devices and clear a safety check. delta was the first to get its paper work in. passengers we talked with say the change is long over due. >> i think its great. it gives me a lot more time to get more work done. >> i think its pretty awesome. that way you can use any device any time. >> the airlines will have to clarify that smart phones and tablets still can't be used to make calls or connect to the internet. and larger devices such as laptops will still have to be stowed because they could hurt someone. >>> a rocky prime minister meets with president obama today at the white house. the prime ministe
at a hospital and could face the death penalty. >> the is down again for maintenance right now. technicianses have been repairing it since seat. google and oracle experts will have been consulted. >> for those of you happy to get an extra hour of sleep - here is something else to look forward to this morning - a solar eclipse. a rare crescent-shaped sound will be visible for those living on the east coast. it will move across the atlantic, and sweep across central africa. i'm morgan radford. thank you for joining us. see you again at 7am eastern. >> got evening i'm joie chen welcome to "america tonight sex th" theweekend edition. we have did h dedicated our attention to sexual assault on campus. there is the repeated belief that campus rape is often the miscommunications and allegations that result to murky he said she said. ttonight we have us visit oxidental campus in california. for some reason it's impossible for law enforcement and school officals to adjudicate. >> rape is rape, not misunderstanding. sometimes by students that prey on fellow students and get it awith it ti
:00 tomorrow. >>> as the problems continue with, the white house is telling people to skip the site all together. there are option -- other options. it can be done boy mail or over the phone. the president said the enrollment process by phone takes about 25 minutes. >> the person who calls isn't the one who continues to wait after the paper application is filled. >> the white house is insisting will be functional by the end of november. >>> all right. fire trucks are doing more than fight flames. they can help upfind an air- conditioning repair man. the company is letting businesses advertise on its trucks. carroll home services is the first company trying it out. don't expect the moving ads to look too crazy. >> we didn't want to wrap the equipment up with nascar or anything, so we keptit traditional and it worked out that carroll has pretty much the same colors we have on hour engine. and we did it in a tactful manner. >> little river is -- has taken up ads. >>> the prospect of buying a house looks bleak for college grads. the decline am 18 to 32-year- olds
about health care and from bill on the ways and means -- bill pascal -- bill pascrell of the ways and means committee. >> at the last meeting the fed decided not to reduce bond buying, which was a surprise decision at the time in light of what the associated press called the tepid economic recovery, the decision to continue bond buying is expected out of this week's meeting. capital hill, meanwhile, there is a senate hearing to discuss state capital defense laws with stand your ground provisions. fulton, the mother of trayvon martin, the mother of the boy who was killed by the neighborhood watch captain in florida, george zimmerman, she is wanting states to clarify the definition of stand your ground. the first of two house hearings in the rollout of the affordable act hearing today, the ways and means committee needs to hear testimony from maryland cap and are, considered to be the official closest to the day to day implementation of the website. you can watch live coverage of this hearing on c-span three or listen to it on c-span radio. the gavel comes
're finding out exactly how many people were a able to sign up for health insurance on the troubled web site. the first few days after it launched. in formal notes from a meeting show just 6 people successfully enrolled on the first day, october isst, and by the end of the -- 1st, and by the end of the second day, 248. the goal of the obama administration is to have an average of 39,000 people enroll every day for the next five months. a spokesperson for the health and human services department says the figures presented in the documents are unofficial. the agency has said its released the first official report on enrollment by mid november. >>> some disturbing new information about that castro valley nursing home scandal. today's chronicle is reporting at least one worker for the department of social services went to the facility days after most of the staff had left. but the report says the worker did nothing to end the chaos of valley springs manor. the staff abandoned 14 sick, elderly and bedridden patients last week after state regulators shut down that nursing home. those
it in its entirety at 10:35 eastern time. reporting this morning that has gone dark over the weekend. you try to login this morning, it is unavailable. just part of the problems that has been facing. the department of health and human services will be making updates to the application and enrollment tools. the website is expected to be back sometime after 9 a.m. this morning. from new york, michael is joining us. caller: one of the biggest problems we face in america today is the outsourcing of american jobs. ahead, bute can get we need to start creating industry here. congress has a big problem. there is a message for you, there is where the broken wheel lives. join and fixte and this problem with unemployment in america. are going to have to see both parties come together. as far as the fanatical organization goes, i think they also need to look at the core facts that america has to go back to work. everyone has to join together. that goes all the way up to the top. we have to unite the country. bring it back together. thank you for sharing your thoughts
on the latest glitch knocking out service in all 50 states. the obamacare rollout debacle continues and we have all the details today. >> the entertainer chris brown goes for the knockout and gets himself locked up. why the rapper is waking up in the slammer this morning down in d.c. >> he put himself in the line of fire, dodging a barrage of bullets, even being hit, all this to save a fellow officer. his heroic story and how he's being rewarded is coming your way. "fox & friends" on this monday's edition starts just about now. >> this is jimmie johnson. you're watching "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ >> jimmie johnson, nfl? or jimmie johnson the driver who almost got if fisticuffs. >> i think that is the driver. i was in dallas this weekend, the land of cowboys. >> how was that? >> it was great. i went to my daughter's homecoming. i'm exhausted. >> khoeplg -- homecoming can do that for you. >> so far the affordable care act, the rollout of obamacare has been absolutely flawless, right? i'm being funny. another debacle. last night verizon which apparently runs part of the data hu
with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can ke better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. save your coffee from the artificial stuff. ♪ switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness... ...from the stevia leaf. ♪ ♪ >> that's your shot of the morning. introducing the fifth america of il divo steve doocy. >> the opera was on friday. >> while they were singing i was sitting on the curvy couch singing and she turned on her ipad. >> i was spying on him but i think he liked it. >> that is a glimpse of steve's life inside the station wagon on weekends. i can see you and il divo. >> i put it on 7 on 70's on 8 on 80's. go on facebook. if you like it, like it. you want to leave a comment, go ahead. >> a lot of people have gone on over the weekend and liked it. >> they liked it? >> they liked it. >> what i would love to see is other people singing to their favorite songs when nobody else is around. >> send us your spy singing moments. >> speaking of spies. >> is this s
operation. >>> is back up and running after a data outage this weekend prevented people from signing up for insurance. but there may be other nontechnical issues plaguing obama care. seema is with us in the states. what else is going on? >> well, ross, in the period leading up to the launch of the affordable care act this month, president obama repeatedly said if americans liked their insurance plans and their doctors, they would be able to keep them under the new law. but nbc news is reporting the obama administration knew for several years the majority of people who buy their own health coverage wouldn't be able to keep this happen their policies under obama care. nbc says those forced to buy new insurance may experience sticker shock from higher premiums. when the law was passed in march of 2010, it was supposed to grant grandfather in existing policies, even if they didn't comply with the rules. but that same year, the department of health and human services rewrote some regulations essentially getting rid of the grandfather exemption. now, the white house isn't disputing
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, in the meantime -- >> the rocky rollout of >> the website hasn't work ed te way it's supposed to. >> i have a constituent that received this cancellation letter. >> my constituents can't keep their health care plan. >> a subpar policy. >> ever since the law was passed, you got to replace them with quality comprehensive coverage. >> how frustrated is he? >> we're in this together. we'll see it through. >> we need to delay the mandate tax. we need to fix this problem. >> it's been a rough couple weeks in washington. >> the shutdown was so magnificent, run beautifully. i'm so proud of these republicans. >> it's an american horror story politically. >> happy halloween. >> now that raphael call me ted cruz, he might need to get his father to tone it down, too. >> the attacks not just come from the liberals. the attacks come from the other side too. all these republicans in name only. washington is not used to what they have seen with senator ted cruz. as a matter of fact, one of those rhinos came to him within the first months like that saying, now, look, you're a junior senator. you'
the failure of the launch of was a long time coming. according to new reports from the "wall street journal" and "washington post," implementation of the affordable care act plagued by fragmented management that saw several government agencies overseeing different parts of the law without a single point person. david cutler, harvard professor and former presidential adviser. they were running the biggest startup in the world and they didn't have anyone who had run a startup or a business. it wasn't only mismanagement that doomd doomed the rollout, fear of republican sabotage and concerns over the 2012 election set the disaster two years before the site launched. "washington post" reports the white house slowed down important regulations that had been drafted months earlier, to wait until just months after president obama's election. medicare's top risk analyst, it was the president's most significant domestic policy achievement and the very aides that pushed the law through congress were risking bad implementation for a short-term political gain. regarding the presi
't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >> as i reported in 2008, an investigation into a $20-million online poker scam was leading to a specific player who had an uncanny ability to win even while holding the worst hands. the most likely explanation seemed to be that someone had gotten access to an administrative or security account at absolute poker and ultimate bet that would have allowed them to see all of the cards in the game as they were being played. somebody with access to a server, a computer server that would give that information to them in real time? >> yes. >> so either a really good hacker or somebody on the inside? >> exactly. >> late last year, the poker sleuths got lucky. when one of the players requested the hand histories of a suspected cheater
-through inventions have transformed businesses, government and healthcare. david kelly's the founder of ido and a pioneering design thinking. he also created the d school at sanford university, he built tom kelly's apartment ideal and his book the art of innovation and ten faces of innovation an executive fellow at uc berkley's high school of business. together they have written a book sharing their secrets so everyone can find their creative powers. it is called creative confidence unleashing the creative potential within all of us. i'm pleased to have tom and david kelly at this table for the first i'm. so welcome. great to see you. >> thank you very much. >> rose: explain the brother act. >> well, you know, we've been close our whole lives. he's four years younger than me, and in a mid western house which didn't have enough bedrooms, he and i ended up in the basement together and that was our bedroom. so for 14 years before i went to college we lived there. kind of left alone in a basement, you can get into all kinds of trouble. and so but the story of the book is really, we've been clo
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deserve better. i apologize. >> reporter: political theatre made even more bizarre by the website itself, crashing again in all its glory today, even as its creator spoke. >> the website has never crashed. it is functional but at a very slow speed and very low reliability. >> reporter: huh? never crashed? really? >> let's put the screen shot up. >> it is crashing, it has crashed and it will probably continue to crash. you can't log on. you can't register. it is a crash. >> reporter: the house grilled the secretary about this memo from the lead contractor on the site the month before launch which clearly warns not enough time in schedule to conduct adequate performance testing. >> none of them advised a delay. no one indicated that this could possibly go this wrong. >> reporter: one more bit of news from the president. he tweaked his promise today. do you remember if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance? that changed today to -- for the vast majority of americans who have insurance that works, you can keep it. for those who got cancellation notices, they
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